A nice big, fat rotund red hen fell in love with a beautiful white rabbit. He would court her, fondle her and kiss her, and then admire her when she laid her eggs. He would chase after her across the fields, where she would flutter about with her short wings, and joyfully, but vainly try to fly up.

       The hen would always lay a lot of eggs that the rabbit would gently lay out in a basket. The cocks were very annoyed, and looked on jealously.

       One fine day the rabbit befriended foxes and wolves. In order to trick him, the foxes appointed him their leader, and the wolves did the same.

       The rabbit celebrated the event with his new friends with eggs and more eggs at will. Every night the rabbit would make merry with his wolf and fox friends. Meanwhile the nice, big fat rotund red hen wore out her behind. When she heard about the situation she attacked the rabbit, saying: “What’s all this?! Feeding my enemies with my eggs?!” Then acting on the cock’s advice, she decided to lay no more eggs.

       One day all the cocks and chickens had a meeting and the rabbit was chased off by their pecking. He escaped, but went to tell all to the foxes and wolves, who he asked to defend him. They thought long and hard before coming to a decision.

       In the end they realised there would be no more eggs at will!….

       They polished off the rabbit in just one mouthful each.

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