One day a fly decided to imitate the spider and build a cobweb, partly because she was tired of looking for food, and partly because she wanted to be an artist.

       She had no thread, but thought that she could use something else instead.

       Not having any knowledge of the interweaving of the web, she took advantage of the spiders’ absence to study the web from close up. The fly then flew off to hover on the telephone wires. From there she started to memorise the interweaving, patiently counting them out on her little paws.

       Meanwhile a little girl arrived and started to stroke the buttons on the electric fan with her tiny fingers…so in a flash the fly ended up caught right in the middle of the web!

       The poor little creature felt she was lost, all twisted up in the web; she was soon going to be gobbled up!

       The spider came close, saw the fly and exclaimed: “Stupid flies really are the tastiest; it’s a real pity that there aren’t more of them!”

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