Once upon a time there was a polecat that was so very, very hungry, that all her eyes could see were roosters and hens everywhere. She roamed desperately for three days under the burning sun, without finding a thing. All she found was a porcupine that only filled her belly with spines.

       All of a sudden she heard the jabbering of roosters and ran towards them, quick as a missile, but fell and ended up in a bramble bush where she got more pricks. Then worn out, she got back up, and in a flash caught four roosters and two hens.

       First she killed them, biting them in the head before you could count from one to three. She furiously ate the first four

and then the last two very, very slowly. The polecat’s stomach blew up just like a balloon- for she had four roosters and two nice big hens inside her!

       She couldn’t even walk anymore, and stood motionless for ages, wheezing under a bush.

       She felt like she was about to explode! And she thought that Death would really come and take her away this time!

       A whistling fox that happened to be passing by saw the mess the polecat was in!

       “What on earth has happened to you, my poor polecat?! What’s wrong? You almost frighten me! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! The poor old polecat really is dying! What have you been up to? Come on! Tell me what happened! Come on, be brave and talk!”

       ” I…Ooooh…oh my God, what have I done? I ate fouu-uurr roosters and two hee-eens! Poor old me, I was so hungry! But now mydearfriendthepolecat, I can tell you that satiety is muchworseworseworse than hunger even when your insides are all tangled-up! You can even exp-loo-de! Who knows if I’m really going to explode…”

       “Dear God! The poor old polecat.” But in the meantime the fox was thinking to herself: “Who knows if she’s telling the truth!!”

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