An ox was dragging a heavy plough under the burning sun, as its sweat sprinkled the dry clods of earth.

       A fox that happened to be passing that way gazed at the ox and said: “What a miserable life yours is: you kill yourself with work, all for a bit of hay and a mean caress!”

      The ox answered, smiling: “You are in the gang, you are! You’re a brigand. One day I’ll have a piece of land of my own to plough for myself. If I think of the future that awaits you, then I am a king in comparison!

       The little hay that I’m given is called “safehayinpeace.” If I were you I would be careful and think about your own destiny, because sooner or later the farmer will catch you in his net and hang you from one of those trees, up there on the hillside!”

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