An old woman and a little boy were sleeping blissfully in a nice big bed. A big fat ugly mosquito plunged from a nail holding up a painting and…scoured the old dear, scoured the boy…and sucked the little one’s blood.

       A fly that was half-asleep was awoken by the loud buzzing, and on observing the scene could not help saying: “Why suck the blood from the poor little one who still has to grow, and not from the old dear who has already grown up?” The mosquito answered: “What are you saying? What questions! The little one’s blood is pure, sweet and digestible!”

       He leant back on the nail again before starting out on another attack and…zzzzzz…zzzzzz..and zach! zach! The mosquito sucked more blood from the child.

       “Stop! Stop! You’ll ruin him like that! Why are you ruining him?!”

       “Because the child’s tender.”

       “Why are you doing this? Have you no pity for the little wretch?”

       “Good God! Don’t you understand, don’t you get it? He’s te-nd-er, the ch-iii-lld is!”

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