On seeing the tiny little birds hurling across the sky and almost touching the clouds, the little white rabbit felt

extremely miserable.

       He saw himself as ugly and clumsy, with those long ears that he almost trampled on with his paws.

      The poor thing cried and moaned; this had gone on for almost a month, all because he wanted to fly. His mother pampered him and told him that this was his nature, and there was nothing he could do, that the universe is a beautiful place because all its sons are different.

       “Just think how horrible it would be if we were all birds, or cows or chimpanzees” she would tell him. But to no avail, the little rabbit wanted to fly at all costs.

       One day Death was passing by, and heard the rabbit bawling; Death went up to him smiling, and gave him a lovely pair of wings. The rabbit couldn’t stop laughing for joy, put the wings on quickly and started to fly.

       Death scratched his head, laughed and said: ” You, little rabbit, are a nice little bundle today and you have just given me the chance to take you away!”

       Indeed, after a couple of unstable flutters, the rabbit lost his wings and crashed to the ground with a loud thud.

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