A fox and a wolf, both reduced to skeletons and tormented by hunger, decided to raid a hen house which was not far away, and was packed with red and white hens. They also knew that if the farmer caught them…he would kill!

       But as we know, hunger pays no attention to danger.

       Once they were in the cool air under an oak tree, they decided on their plan. They waited patiently for the night to come, and then the fox and the wolf set out for their stealing. Once they got to the hen house, they crept in through a narrow gash in the wire netting.

       The fox crept in first, followed by the wolf.

       And after every hen the fox had eaten, he would measure his belly by passing through the narrow gash. Instead, the wolf just ate and ate; his eyes were gleaming with hens and eggs and he took no notice of anything else.

       In the end, a cock that was fluttering around raised the alarm. The dogs started barking like mad and the farmer came running with his big, ugly knife.

       The fox, which was already half way through the gash measuring his belly, quickly fled. The wolf tried to do the same, but he was so full of hens that his belly got stuck in the hole!

       “Ha! The poor old wolf; he’s going to throw up all his food!” the fox thought.

       In the end the dogs tore the wolf to pieces, and the farmer picked him off the ground more dead than alive, tied a rope around his neck and hung him from a branch of the tree.

       The fox, who had watched the scene from afar, muttered: ” Fools are those who in good times don’t think of the bad!”

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