A smiling fox was walking with his friend, a strange animal that was unknown to everyone; no one had seen one like that before. He wasn’t ugly; on the contrary he was rather handsome. All the hens stopped laying eggs and came running along; they were curious, and stuck their pointy-heads out of the hedge to spy on him.

       The rabbits did the same, shooting out of their holes like rockets.

       They stood there with their beaks and mouths open in shock, and all wanted to get to know him.

       A one hundred year old tortoise that was licking up dew drops from the blades of grass, and that had wrinkles hanging from her neck, saw the scene and said: “You stupid hens and rabbits, why do you all want to die like idiots? Stay away from the fox and that strange animal! Don’t be taken in by his phoney charm. Even though I don’t know him, have never seen him and don’t even know where he comes from, what I do know and I know I’m not wrong here, is that whoever is a friend of the foxes cannot be good!”

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