A fat rotund peasant was asleep on a pile of Indian corn leaves. A mosquito was buzzing around in the stable when…zach! Quick as a flash she sucked the blood from the peasant’s nose.

      The mosquito started out again and…zach! She sucked more blood from his ear lobe. The peasant felt something unpleasant but rolled over his potbelly, and lay on his side.

       The mosquito buzzed around again and…zach! zach! She sucked more blood from his neck. The insect started to fly again when…plaff! In a furious rage the poor devil caught it, and before squashing it, said: “If you had just sucked me once or even twice I wouldn’t have noticed! But now I’m going to squash you because you want to feed solely and exclusively off my poor old hardened body.”

       Splaat! And a fair amount of peasant blood squirted from its little belly…

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