At the Seul Olympics, man invited white doves to act as  “The Symbol of Peace in this World which is Round.”

       They all set out, except a few mothers who had to look after the little doves in their nests.

       They arrived in droves from the furthest away countries, all so very happy to represent Peace, which is such a beautiful thing! So very, very many of them, all happy to celebrate Peace with the other animals.

       They arrived in Seul sweaty and exhausted, but happy, because this long journey was a mission for them.

       They spectacularly took over the sky, and then lay down to rest anywhere there was space. They were all joyous that day, because finally…

        The doves softly pecked each other with their beaks and others even more head over heels in love, would rise up on their little red claws, spread their wings and hug their companions.

        All sorts of insects and animals were taking part in this wonderful display of love! There were rabbits, and cats purring at dogs, the fox carrying the hen on its back, the mouse was playing with the worm, the polecat was chattering with the chick, the fly was jumping around with the spider, the mosquito was buzzing around with the wasp and the tiger was being chased by the hare…and endless other animal species playing all sorts of games.

       The clear blue sky laughed.

       The river lay watching, resting in its bed.

       The sun shone, and some of its rays were so touched that

they cried. And even the branches in the trees exchanged their leaves.

       The zebra athletes dressed in green, and the giraffes in white, paraded across the field, while the anthems of the woods and forests, steppes and deserts and glaciers and cities rang out in the coloured sky. As the “Symbol of Peace in this World which is Round”, the doves took it in turns to colour the sky white. Many of them were so tired that in order to get some rest and a better view of the show, they clung unawares to the edge of the brazier that stood at the top of a tall metallic tower…

       On a given signal the torch with the flame from Olympia was lit…the flames flickered up like lightening and many doves were reduced to small shapeless smoking coals.

       There was a horrified bustle amongst the animals, as the eagles and hawks and flamingos and others still all flew towards the brazier to save their friends.

       The festive atmosphere became a tear-soaked silence.

       An old dove with a lot of experience in life, witnessed the scene, burst into tears and said: ” Oh mankind, mankind…Man has inflicted endless perils on the world!  Even Peace is celebrated with fire, and the doves ended up as smoking coals! Man has inflicted endless perils on the world! One day the very men who are working for peace will destroy both themselves and all us animals without even noticing! Mankind, mankind; it would be better if you destroyed your arsenals of death rather than celebrating Peace. What are you up to? Are you pulling your own leg, and everyone else’s? You want to look good to the eyes of the world? You wear robes of peace, but carry deadly weapons? Why not destroy the machines that soak everything with blood? Maybe one day…one day…it’s better not to think!”

       From then on the doves no longer wanted to take part, of their own accord, in anything organised by men, because they are complete IMBECILES!

       So the doves we now see flying in stadiums, are just poor wretches that have been locked up in cages, and then released. Their wails that echo across the skies are heavy with sadness,

because they are forced to fly all alone, in those places where other animals no longer want to go.

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