There was once a fox that had gone crazy. She would toddle through the wood gracelessly, and with sudden furious outbursts, she would bite into the tree bark causing wounds to her mouth.

       No one knows why she became crazy, or what cruel joke nature had played on her- because nature loves to play jokes on us, oh how it loves to play jokes! Anyway her bloodied, dirty mouth was stinging, and rivulets of blood were dripping onto the grass. In addition, the fox was frothing at the mouth and puckering her lips to bare her teeth, howling hysterically.

       The crazy fox, the crazy fox!

       One day she saw a wolf out of the corner of her eye, and being in the state she was in, decided to attack him. The wolf fled, for he was ill! But even if he was ill, he still ran like hell! We all know that fear even gets hold of a wolf, when it is ill.

       The fox seized it and killed it as quick as a thunderbolt with eleven bites to the neck! The fox wanted to eat the wolf, but he was so hard that she had to desist.

       The crazy fox, the crazy fox!

       The stunned foxes all stood there watching! And by Jove! They appointed her leader of the pack there and then!

       The news spread quickly, it got around as fast as the wind. All the fox packs from the many surrounding woods wanted her as leader of their pack. So from one day to another the crazy fox unknowingly found herself as the leader of all the packs that lived in the woods of the whole region.

       What jokes life (or nature) plays on us! By Jove! It loves to play jokes!

       And one day in the wood of a thousand chestnut-tree stumps, the foxes from all the packs joyfully organised a rally for her, where they all applauded her so loudly that their paws became bald from all the clapping!

       The crazy fox gritted her teeth and pulled long faces, and she improvised, muttering things that sounded true to the ears of all the foxes in attendance.

       The crazy fox, the crazy fox!

       Suddenly something popped out of a bush; it was a wolf cub that was passing by…the fox jumped from the stage like a thunderbolt and caught the cub, played with it, skinned it and ate it!

       Good God, what next; she was overwhelmed by deafening applause, and the foxes were so carried away with clapping their paws, tails and everything else, that they really did lose all their fur!

       Back on stage for the rally, she harangued them with a long speech at the end of which she stuttered her design: that of breeding from the same races of animals… because these races…

       The crazy fox, the crazy fox!

       As luck would have it for quite a while she met no more wolves! So she would perform, slaughtering skeleton-like rabbits, ill sheep, yellow hens and the odd bird with broken wings, mangy hares and half-witted rats.

        The crazy fox saw no more wolves; the crazy fox saw no more wolves!

         How lucky she was, but she didn’t realise, by Jove! She didn’t realise her good fortune!

         She refused to calmly sit back and enjoy life and wasn’t in the least aware that luck must sometimes be left to rest peacefully, or it loses its patience…and turns into bad luck and kicks like a mule!

         The crazy fox, the crazy fox that didn’t realise…

         Oh how she was applauded, how she was applauded when the foxes were told that the wolves could be destroyed!

         The foxes all went to hunt them down while they were relaxing-this was the last thing the wolves expected, to be attacked!

         “Good God!” the wolves said, “Good God! This time the foxes really have gone mad!! Foxes…foxes waging war on wolves? This crazy world really is turned upside down this time!”

       The crazy fox, the crazy fox!

       The wolves decided that it would only take seven of the best wolves to destroy the foxes. And so it was!

       In no time at all there was a bloodbath.

       Very few foxes were taken prisoners.

       And tortured…” Who was it? Who gave the orders? Whooo? Speak up!! It’s best for you! Was it a shepherd? Did you sell

yourselves out for a bowl of vegetables? Why? Don’t you like sheep anymore? Don’t you like sheep anymore? You! Talk! Now! Did you sell yourself for a few rotten eggs?” Then they were threatened and beaten as if it was hailing blows!

       “It was…it’s not my fault, it so happened that…the crazy fox! The crazy fox got it into her head that…that … and she ordered us to attack the wolves!”

       “The crazy fox? What, what…”

       “Yes! The crazy fox!”

       “The crazy fox? So it wasn’t the shepherds?”

       “No, no!”

       “So let’s go, let’s go and straighten out this world of ours!”

       It wasn’t long before the crazy fox was captured; she wasn’t even given the third degree, but simply torn to shreds.

       The crazy fox, the crazy fox!    

       The crazy fox was so crazy that that’s how she ended up! She didn’t understand that she who is contented…

Those who followed her ended up the same way, not understanding that…but the tale of the crazy fox was remembered- in a short time she became a legend and remembered for ever more, respected and venerated: she had been the one who had dared attack the wolves! And no one ever came to know that the whole bloody mess and slaughter were all due to a sick wolf and a crazy fox, and a whole lot of other foxes that hadn’t understood that…that’s the way the world is, my dear animal friends, and believe me, there is nothing, but really nothing that we can do!

       And that’s how a crazy fox became a legend! Life really loves to play tricks on us!

       The crazy fox, the crazy fox, and no one ever understood…will there be other sick wolves and crazy foxes, and others still that don’t understand…?

       You think what you believe.

       I really think there will be.

      The crazy fox, the crazy fox!                       

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