A wolf and a fox were such very, very good friends, that even if those who observed them were skilled in the art of conversing, they could never properly convey how and why they were so fond and thought so highly of each other.

       The fox knew everything about the wolf, and the wolf knew almost all about the fox. The wolf had taken part in many a raid! Many, many more than the fox, and with a lion’s heart he had

slaughtered entire flocks! The shepherds were left to talk to themselves, and some even went crazy: from being rich in the evening, to impoverished the following morning!

       Just think that one day the wolf managed to skin two big calves with the strength of his teeth alone, and God knows how, he even managed to carry them whole back into the wood. He invited his friend the fox and her relatives to the feast, where they all enjoyed the lovely meat, and almost wore out their paws applauding the wolf for the ability he had shown.

       One day, the two of them caught two lambs and a sick sheep and tore them to pieces. But who knows the reason for what happened next? Maybe it was the heat of the sun, or the hunger they felt, or a stupid rivalry born from that strange situation…the fact is that the two of them fell out! The wolf was overcome with rage, and snatched the whole booty and left.

       The fox felt betrayed, and in a second she forgot all about the long warm friendship she had shared with the wolf. She began to go round telling everyone about her old mate and his misdeeds, and, what’s more, she added others the wolf had no part in!

       So in the eyes of the people the wolf became so dangerous that he was ruthlessly hunted down!

       He was soon captured and handcuffed by the shepherds! The following day in the square where the execution was to take place, there was the wolf with a noose around his neck! The wolf was asked to express his last wish. What was it to be?

       ” I want to speak to the fox called what’s-her-name! She lives in the hole at the top of the branches of the fifth oak tree on Ambush Avenue.”

       The fox was sent for and informed that the wolf wanted to talk to her- his last wish! But she didn’t want to go.

       The old animals advised her to go, and so in the end she went.

       “What do you want from me? You drove me away!”

       The wolf was upset by the betrayal, and said in a quiet, resigned voice:” Why have you done this to me? You spewed out

what I did all over the place, but not…you never vomited the meat I always gave you! You are the most treacherous creature in the world! However…however you are still in time to save my skin, even though you did betray me.”

       ” You talk of betrayal as if was something rare in this world! Don’t you know that the closer a friendship, the worse the cataclysm is later if you end up arguing? That it’s worse than a bomb going off?”

       ” Friendship? The proverb says it all: “Friendship is golden!” And as you taught me, my friend the wolf, to find gold is far from easy! Will we ever all be rich and rulers in this world? You were foolish to tell me everything!”

       “Did you want to show off, maybe? I’m a fox, and so let me tell you, I know how the world works better than a wolf, and let me say to you: my deeds that could have really compromised me are still in here, right here in my chest! And if they begged me for a whole year to recount them to a dead animal, I swear that I would never do it!”

       “I know, I know. I understand” the wolf joined in “that at times we can lose our way… the times when…euphoria…but come now! You are a fox, and if you want, you can at least save my life! I’m scared of dying! Say that you were mistaken; you took me for another wolf…that the night makes you have oversights… and if you want, you’re a fox and you can do it! It’s just that, a single wolf could never have done what you said! This is the proof.”

       “This is the proof!? And then? Listen,listen. I’m a fox you said? You were certainly right there! Let me ask you a question: Could I ever end up eaten by you?” The wolf didn’t answer.

       “Well then! You can see for yourself that I can no longer save you. But then, all things considered, I know one thing for sure, and I believe this! After we die, we are reborn!!!”

        “We are reborn?”

        “We are reborn, sure!”

        “Well listen to me then; as soon as I’m reborn, you’d better start running, because if I get you I’ll really tear you to


       “See! There you are, I was right! If I had just saved you, you would have eaten me! So bye-bye! I really must be off now. Catch me if you can!”

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